Cameron Bennett is a media consultant and News & Current Affairs journalist based in Auckland.  He is one of New Zealand’s most experienced journalists.

•    He is available to international television broadcasters anywhere, anytime in New Zealand, the Pacific region and Asia.
•    Media training and strategy
•    Documentary Voiceover and Presenting
•    Scriptwriter/ Field Director/ Post-Production Director
•    Public Speaker/ M.C.
•    Facilitator/ Moderator
•    Cameron is the former Anchor and Senior Correspondent on TVNZ’s flagship current affairs programme SUNDAY (

Cameron comes with a wide-ranging journalistic career during 25 years reporting for TVNZ. His strong interest in World affairs has grown from numerous international tours throughout his professional career.

He was TVNZ’s Europe Correspondent 1991-95.  His extensive international reporting has included the Bosnian civil war,  working undercover in Zimbabwe,  inside the rebel zone of Ivory Coast and the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami in Sri Lanka.

His career highlights for SUNDAY, ONE NEWS, 60 MINUTES and HOLMES include the 9/11 bombings in New York and Washington DC, the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and war reporting from the Balkans to the Rwandan genocide, from Somalia to Palestine, Iraq to Afghanistan.

He has reported on the historic post-apartheid elections in South Africa, the attempted coup against Boris Yeltsin in Moscow, extensively in Western Europe, the Pacific and in South-East Asia – including with ethnic rebels in Burma-Myanmar and the conflict in East Timor.

He has reported extensively throughout New Zealand.

In his role on SUNDAY, Cameron was actively involved in editorial strategy, story development and direction.  He is highly experienced in commercial, long-format feature story-telling.  In acknowledging the radically-changing landscape of electronic news gathering, he believes this form of attractive magazine reportage offers a prestigious and highly-effective addition to information programming.

•    Cameron is available for a consulting role, evaluating news and current affairs. His skills and experience would assist in enhancing scripting, interview techniques, piece-to-camera performance, camera framing and lighting, shooting ratios and editing.

•      He is available as a consultant to the Private and Government sector  to assist enhancing  on-air, interview performance and media strategy/understanding.

Since assuming his role as SUNDAY anchor in 2005, the programme steadily increased its year-on-year ratings – achieved during a time of severe budget and staffing cuts.  During Bennett’s time, SUNDAY was the Number One current affairs show, consistently averaging above its target audience share.


Cameron wrote and presented his on-air introductions for SUNDAY, 60 MINUTES AND FOREIGN ASSIGNMENT.  He is a Qantas Award-winning scriptwriter and reporter.  As a highly-experienced reporter/field director, he has also mentored junior team members and advocated for and promoted his programme within the TVNZ administration.

His anchoring roles have included filling in as a host for TVNZ’s late news TONIGHT and on TODAY LIVE and FOREIGN ASSIGNMENT, a wrap of international affairs.

Cameron was one of eight eminent persons appointed to New Zealand’s Public Advisory Committee on Disarmament and Arms Control – a Government trust established to foster education, international peace and arms control.

He holds a strong belief in the arts and culture as an important vehicle for transcending barriers.  In 1997, he filmed a feature on the re-formed remnants of the Sarajevo Philharmonic after the war, and its preparations for a landmark concert in Paris.  This deeply-moving statement of the sheer power of arts and culture to heal,deliver hope and understanding won Bennett a Qantas Award – one of many over the years.

Cameron is experienced in and has a strong ability for bringing people together – both at a conversational level and in the more formal capacity of Facilitating and Moderating.  His ready sense of humour, enthusiasm and first-hand experience of many of the topics or locations that arise, ensures that he presents with both authority, empathy and credibility.

Bennett has chaired a session of the prestigious Readers & Writers Festival in Auckland.  He was also a keynote speaker at the International Red Cross inaugural conference on war reporting in Wellington and at the Auckland University of Technology’s ‘Turning the Tide’ conference, which explored international conflict resolution. He shared the podium with Sir Paul Reeves and John Pilger.

Cameron is regularly invited to speak publicly on his journalistic experiences and on the television news media – how it works and what those looking for exposure need to do to get it.

He has also acted as Master of Ceremonies at celebrity fund-raising events along with moderating human rights discussions.

In 1996 he co-authored the best-seller ‘Foreign Correspondents’ about his reporting experience out of London in the 1990s.    Before joining TVNZ in 1985, Bennett was a freelance scriptwriter with WTN in London.  He began his journalistic career as a General Reporter in New Zealand on The Northern Advocate and then as a General, Industrial and Diplomatic reporter on The Evening Post, the former leading daily in Wellington.

Interests include travel, motorcycling and music. Cameron plays and performs regularly on acoustic guitar, lap steel guitar and fiddle.   He recently recorded with the Auckland-based band The De Sotos.

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